Things to Prepare to See The Bali Art Festival 2017

Barong Dance Bali Art Festival 2017

want to visit Bali? If you are a person who likes Balinese arts such as painting, sculpture, and dance, then do not miss Bali Arts Festival (PKB) when you visit Bali. PKB is an art festival held regularly every year organized by the provincial government of Bali. And this year 2017 is the 39th.

Bali Art Festival #PKB2017 39th will be held from 10 June to 8 July 2017 and the plan will be attended by President Joko Widodo. Head of Bali Provincial Tourism Office, AA Yuniartha Putra explained, tourists who want to vacation to Bali and want to watch PKB 2017 should pay attention to schedule organizing event. For tourists who want to find out which schedule they want, can ask for the Art Festival guide / schedule book to the committee.

"In the staging schedule has been listed date, hour, stage of which part and art what is staged. Due to the vast Taman Budaya location, having a schedule guide will make it easier to find your destination stage like open stage Kalangan Ayodya, open stage Kalangan Ratna Kanda, open stage Angsoka Numbers, wantilan, Gedung Ksirarnawa, or Ardha Candra open stage, " said AA Gede Yuniartha Putra. 

Come early

In addition to the schedule, the man who is familiarly called Agung also urged tourists to come early. Especially when you want to watch the performance of one of art and culture at the Bali Arts Festival, it is recommended to arrive early, maximum 15 minutes before the event. Because, every staging on some open stage always filled with spectators.

"Because the art performances of about 1.5 to 2 hours, the audience who often come to PKB already understand well. And this is seen also followed by foreign and domestic tourists who come early, "he said.


Choose lodging

Lodging is also the most important thing to enjoy PKB comfortably. To make it easier for tourists who come to Bali mostly to watch PKB, it is recommended to stay at a hotel close to the location of the event. Because the location of the event in the middle of the city that is on Jalan Nusa Indah then the strategic hotel is on Jalan Hayam Wuruk.

"Indeed, the hotel in Hayam Wuruk there is no 5 star hotel but classmates jasmine and 1 star only. But the hotels are quite in demand by tourists because in addition to affordable prices, the place is also clean, comfortable and located in the middle of the city, If in the Sanur area must be many hotels and villas are expensive and classy. Just choose it, want which one. " He continued.

Choice of modes of transportation

For the mode of transportation, Yuniartha also said to choose transportation that is easy and convenient to reach the location. Transportation to PKB event on Jalan Nusa Indah is indeed no city transportation. But angkot only passes on Hayam Wuruk Street for Kreneng Market - Sanur. Angkot will cross the end of Jalan Nusa Indah is 100 meters from the location of the event.

"If you do not want to ride public transportation, can ride motorcycle taxi, travel hotel or rent a car for more flexibility. If more efficient again can rent a motorcycle with a rate of only Rp 50,000, "he said.

Bring an umbrella or hat

Also don't forget to bring hats and umbrellas. Because the Cultural Park is quite extensive, certainly tourists will walk from one place to another, with a fairly wide distance, between the stage one with the other stage.

"From the heat, umbrellas and hats can be an alternative so that we do not overheat because of the weather. In addition, especially for women and children, can bring fan stock. Although the performances are held on the open stage but with the membeludaknya audience will make hot and crowded. With a fan, will help get fresh air, "he concluded.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, plans to attend the event. "Enjoy the Bali Arts Festival 2017, this event is very legendary and fun to be enjoyed and can mengexplore Bali deeper," said Menpar.